Sesame Street Characters Elmo and Murray Visit Our National Parks

Sesame Street Characters Elmo and Murray visit with at park ranger from Grand Canyon National Park.Thanks to a new series of online videos from the folks at Sesame Street, youngsters can learn about America’s Great Outdoors from Elmo and Murray, two fun-loving Muppets, as they visit with park rangers and explore wildlife at two of America’s most popular national

National Get Outdoors Day – June 8, 2013

Get off the couch and get outdoors! Saturday June 8th is National Get Outdoors Day, and we would like to personally invite you and yours to participate in this important event!

Join the Outdoor Rise Movement

Looking for a change of pace? A direct and meaningful experience with nature? A reason to get out of the office and into the outdoors? A day of free fun? Look no further – get involved with Outdoor Rise.

Synchronized Firefly Phenomenon at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Come experience the exquisite beauty of fireflies this summer at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Each year, Americans are able to revel in this gorgeous display of synchronized fireflies at Elkmont Campground as they kick off the summer.

Gear Review: TevaSphere Athletic Shoes

TevaSphere men's shoeIt seems as if outdoor gear technology is evolving at around the same pace as the opportunities for athletic racing events are expanding. This is great news for outdoor adventurers and athletes, and whether we’re just casual trail joggers or competitive mud runners, it’s exciting to try out new gear designed especially for our sport of choice.

Species Spotlight: American Black Bear

black bearThe American black bear (Ursus americanus) lives throughout much of the continent, including northern Canada and Alaska, the Lower 48, and south into Mexico.

Staying Safe in Bear Country

grizzly bearWhile seeing a bear is often the highlight of a visit to the park it's important to follow bear safety tips provided by the parks. Bears are usually predictable, but each has an individual temperament. Knowledge of bear behavior can reduce your chance of an unpleasant encounter.

Save the Date: National Trails Day is June 1, 2013

National Trails Day 2013 LogoMark your calendar for a date with your favorite trail! June 1, 2013, is American Hiking Society's National Trails Day?—the country's largest celebration of trails.

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