Take it to the Park!

The search for America's Favorite Park is on! This summer, make a difference in your community and cast your vote to help your favorite park win up to $100,000.

July is Park and Recreation Month!

America’s parks and recreation areas are some of the nation’s greatest treasures. These places help encourage fitness, adventure, knowledge and appreciation of our country. This month is your time to share what you love about parks and recreation!

Fun in the Sun at Gulf Islands National Seashore

Who wouldn’t love to feel the sun on their face, the sand in their toes or the wind in their hair? The Gulf Islands National Seashore is the perfect place to feel just that. In the 2012 visitation report, the National Park Service ranked the Gulf Islands as one of the top ten most visited recreation sites in America.

Species Spotlight: Brown Pelican

There are only about seven or eight species of pelican in the world. The brown pelican, found on the West Coast from California south to Chile and on the East Coast from Maryland south to Venezuela, is wonderfully unique, with a large bill, pale neck and dark body. Its beak is about 10 inches in length, with a hooked tip and a huge pouch, and it has short legs and webbed toes.

Historic Philadelphia, Inc. July 4th Week Activities 2013

Break out the fireworks, and American flags – it’s Independence Day! This Fourth of July, celebrate like it’s 1776 in Historic Philadelphia, the birthplace of our nation. Nothing says Happy Birthday like a 3D Liberty light show, historical reenactments, children’s activities, drama and more!

Gear Review: Alite Designs Mayfly Chair

Alite Designs Mayfly ChairCamping trips are supposed to be relaxing, right? After the tent is pitched and dinner is cooked, it’s time to hang out at the campsite and enjoy the outdoor destination that you’ve worked so hard to reach.

Species Spotlight: Porcupine

Even though it is a rodent, the North American porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum) is a force to be reckoned with. While the porcupine is not typically an aggressive animal, it is ferocious when provoked. With approximately 30,000 quills the texture of barbed wire, the porcupine uses these razor-sharp hairs expertly in self-defense.

Great American Backyard Campout 2013

Despite the countless number of ways to stay connected in society today, Americans are still prone to feeling disconnected in their world. While the benefits that come with the prevalence of technology and immersion in the digital world are great, Americans often miss opportunities to have direct, genuine experiences with nature and with others.

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